Exploring Uganda on an outdoor experience is among the thrills of the jungle. Camping Safaris in Uganda have a larger ground of facilitators who are the amazing nature. Nothing excites than you driving into the wilderness and find yourself waking up under the sunrise arrays. Uganda is an adventure capital with a lot that have enticed a number of travelers deciding to have a visit here. There are 10 nature rewarding national parks, 12 game reserves, and several tropical forests, water bodies including World’s longest River Nile and African largest fresh water Lake Victoria, great hospital people.

Adventure safaris in Uganda have concentrated to exploring the best of the national parks. And these parks have slackened and presented amazing camping grounds for both ground and rooftop camping. Greater adventures including gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, wildlife game viewing, wild boat cruise, bird watching, cultural executions, mountaineering among so many other considerations all presents and suggestion a perfect African safari.

For camping safaris in Uganda are possible with either ground tent camping or rooftop tent thrills. Do you want it on a self-guided/self-drive or guided drive? All are possible and right for you to experience an outdoor camping safari in Uganda.

Here we bring you tips of camping in Uganda, what to carry on the trip, when is the best time for camping on a safari to Uganda, how best to do a camping safari, and many other particulars to be discussed in this article.