Airport Shuttle

We also offer airport shuttle, clients coming to Uganda whether on business, tourism, visit, conference, meetings and etc. No need to worry about how you will reach home, or your hotel. We have different types of shuttles ranging from small one to big cars like coasters which can accommodate bigger groups.

In case the group has many luggage, we shall provide shuttles with roof rack and those ones with big space inside and the boot. Just inquire with us and we shall get you a good shuttle. Our driver can wait for you at the arrivals any time whether night or during day.

Charges for the airport shuttle depends on the distance where you prefer to be dropped. We handle shuttles in Entebbe, Kampala, and those ones going up country. Our drivers know all the places in Uganda. After reaching on the destination. You just direct him where you prefer to be dropped.

We also drop clients to the airport for those are flying out of the country. You just need to let us know the time you prefer to be picked from your place or your hotel and our driver will pick you from there. It is important to inform the Consultant your flight time, such that the driver can determine the time which will be spent on way depending on the time of travel and traffic Jam.

When you book with us the airport shuttle, our driver will be at arrivals with a pla card written on your names. We have shuttles for single travellers, two travellers to big groups.

In case a client wants a luxury shuttle, we have them, we also have budget ones. Our drivers are experienced and you will be safe with them.  You can give direction of where you prefer to be picked to determine the price of the shuttle.

If you prefer accommodation in Entebbe or Kampala, we can book for you. Just let us know the kind of hotel you prefer, starting from Budget, Midrange and Luxury. We shall give you options and you choose the best for you.