Self-Drive Car Rental in Uganda

Taking a self-drive with car rental in Uganda, consider exploring this wondrous interior of East Africa in your own style. The trendy way of exploring Uganda on self drive is a matter of fun. Enjoy the fun, feel the adventure rhythm, have a story to tell after this majestic selection.

With a car rental, and considering the 4×4 rental which minimizes and maneuver almost through terrains makes the life is simplified and go easy as far as you can reach.

Self-drive car rental – 4×4 car hire Uganda suggests always a right traveling tip which is very trending nowadays where many of the travelers for various reasons have embarked on renting a car to cruise drive their ways.

Beholding for a self-drive car rental Uganda! There is quite a number of 4×4 rental cars for self-drive which vary in rates. Opting for 4×4 hire in Uganda, from any destination or the country where you opting to start your journey especially from the Kampala, the capital through all the other cities, then connecting to various. For the sake of self-drive in Uganda, it automatically calls for a stronger vehicle and fortunately, all 4×4 car rentals ranges of Land cruisers series and Toyota minivans, double cabin pickups, trucks, buses seating are fulltime 4×4 vehicles.

For the case of a self-drive particularly in Uganda, there’re alternatives to reflect about if opting for a 4×4 car rental services. The advantage of renting a car for self-drive holiday in the Pearl of Africa stands that most of the car rental operators have customized their fleets for adventurous experiences. These vehicles are well maintained in a perfect mechanical condition to ensure that travelers always have the best of their trip.

Most of the safaris vehicles available are customized for rooftop tent camping and as well made with a pop up for a perfect game viewing especially in the savannah parks and reserves.

Rates of Self-Drive Car Rental – 4×4 Uganda car rentals

To some extent ranting a car is an echoing economical idea reduces costs of traveling. Renting a car either for a partial self-drive (with a driver) or for self-drive means a lot as far as reducing expenditures is concerned on a vacation. The rates of 4×4 car hire in Africa vary from companies, countries and regions, but it’s a guarantee of getting a cheap car rental deals for both short and long term car rentals, rooftop tent car rental, chauffeur hire, and camping gear hire.

The rates will depend of the car rental model which can range from 1998 t0 2010. For safari car rentals, operators have majored in using older car models due to their low rates to maintain. From as low as $50 to over $250 a day depending of which range you would require. With specifications reserve a car and accompanying services to save you money than taking fully guided trip.

Car rental fleets for self-drive car rental Uganda              

With a wide array of vehicles and extensive 4×4 car hire that can be attained even at long term. Among the available fleets to choose matching your African needs, budget of mid-range or classic. A list of vehicles;


This is a maiden safari vehicle in Uganda, when driving in Uganda there is limited worry about the terrain which makes it easy for this smaller SUV to maneuver and bring about a remarkable future of adventure. The Rav4 used for safaris in Uganda are model 1998 – 2005, these are stronger cruiser which are as well available for self-drive. There are two Rav4 SUV available for rental including Rav4 3 doors for couples or two travelers. However, they have a limited space are suitable for solo travelers. The Rav4 5 doors, these are perfect for couples and enough for their luggage, however can accommodate a maximum of 4 passengers with limited space for cargo.

Land Cruiser TZ/TX

Very comfortable and reliable 4×4 car hire for self-drive designed to maneuver all road weathers of Africa. When thinking about something cheaper and very comfortable, then the Land cruiser TX/TZ jeep is the first recommendation. This fleet can cruiser throughout even to the remote areas. The model of the land cruiser TX for safari hire is from 1998 to 2005, the jeep can accommodate comfortably 4 each one sharing a window and has enough for their luggage. The land cruiser TX has served tremendously with rooftop camping than any other fleet.

Land cruiser V8, GX and VX

So powerful, very spacious, comfortable and stronger for all road terrains. Very proved to cruise through all terrain and weathered road, the kind of the vehicle is reliable and made available for travelers searching for more comfort. Land cruiser V8/GX are very admirable vehicle to hide off the travel embarrassments, can be made available for both manual and automotive transmission. These vehicles are still perfect for rooftop camping and as well customized for wild viewing with a pop up.

Safari Land Cruiser

The 70 series 4×4 land cruiser safari cars are customized to do African wildlife adventures. They’re African safari cruisers especially for travelers they’re available in short and stretched accommodating from 5 to 9 passengers. These are the most comfortable safari vehicles every traveler would wish to use. However, in most cases these fleets are only available for a partial self-drive (hired with a driver). The 4×4 safari land cruiser is the most classic, reliable, sturdy and flexible vehicle for all road trip safaris and camping adventure to all parks and reserves in Africa. The safari land cruiser 5 sitters is the fleet of 70 series which is available for self-drive but have to first inquire about it.

Land Rover

Wide, altered Land Rover Defenders are the perfect way to travel around the region and explore the amazing attractions in Uganda and East Africa region at large. The Land Rover Defender is loyal, rough and tough enough for river crossings, wild landscape, dirt and holey roads, and whatever that comes your way, yet comfortable enough for full day of wildlife viewing!

Safari vans

The 4×4 safari vans with a pop-up roof top are perfect for group trips, they’re recommended for savannah wildlife viewing. Highly recommended for up country destinations for small groups of peoples.






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